About Us

The intention behind OxBAT (Oxford Blockchain, Art & Technology), the first academic conference hosted at a university on this topic, is to marry academia and industry by initiating a multidisciplinary debate amongst peers. Through coming together for an inclusive and expansive discussion, we look to establish a foundation upon which further academic research in the field of NFTs and blockchain as a medium can be used as a springboard. It will allow professionally and creatively diverse attendees to build bridges between their research, practices and businesses, creating what we hope will be a valuable network of connected individuals who are passionate and innovative in the field, and whose position within the growing space we hope to enhance. Our conference will offer an opportunity to introduce, discuss, and actualise projects and research questions, to grow networks and create a fertile soil for their subsequent success. Cutting-edge research and cutting-edge creation must happen simultaneously for generating exemplary outcomes. The conference will offer an environment for fostering cross-discipline, as well as cross-chain pollination and collaboration, with a vision of moving beyond silos.

For more info, contact: oxbat.conference[at]gmail.com


The Team

Eva Gentner

Art historian exploring the intersection of art,
blockchain technology, and community

Joshua S. Bamford

Musician, psychologist, and academic nomad

David Hochhauser

MPhil and artist,
interested in the new boundaries of both fields

Aonia Traxler

Web3 engineer passionate about promoting
open and inclusive economic models
through crypto and NFTs

Mateja Sela

Connecting the fashion, tech, and
art worlds with Web3 and NFTs

Fabienne Silberstein Bamford

Cultural anthropologist,
studying fan communities

Josiah Thiagarajah

An engineer exploring how the
blockchain will change art forever

Robert Alice

Artist, curator and writer in the crypto art and NFT space.
First artist to sell an NFT at a major auction house.

Imogen Hare

Full-stack& Blockchain developer
interested in the intersections 
between business
art and technology